eczema - success story: matiu

eczema - success story: matiu

Matiu – Palmerston North, NZ

A 46-year-old male who has battled his whole life with eczema on both hands, especially fingers.

During times of flare up the affected parts are raw and weeping. It is made worse with a terrible smell coming from the raw areas.

Matiu saw how the Natures Therapeutics Kawakawa & Mānuka Elixir 3 and Kawakawa & Mānuka Skin Lotion was helping others with eczema and thought he would give these products a go. Well the rest is history.

We thank him for sending in photos and allowing us to share. After 1 day the weeping had stopped.

After 3 days it had settled down and dried and after 5 days it had disappeared.

Matiu said: “I have been clear for 2 weeks and not a sign of it returning. I am still taking the elixir and putting the lotion on each day. Eczema sux. I have won the battle and I want to keep it won."

We are delighted Matiu got the result he was after.

We will continue to share success stories from customers who allow us to share.

Products used

Kawakawa & Mānuka Skin Lotion

Kawakawa & Mānuka Elixir 3 (Retired)

Mānuka Elixir


Result: Day 3 + Day 5