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bone marrow cancer / leukaemia - success story

bone marrow cancer / leukaemia - success story

I wanted to let you know HOW MUCH YOUR PRODUCTS have not only helped improve my life physically and health wise, but also my family. I am a wife and mother of six tamariki (ranging from 6 – 28 years old. I am a Nan to a 2-year-old and one about to arrive. I am 50 years old and I'm sure you can appreciate raising my whanau has provided me with a lot of different and difficult challenges over time.

My husband of 34 years was diagnosed with severe bone marrow cancer heading for Leukaemia on 28 February 2021. To date my husband has endured 18 sessions of chemotherapy and is about to go through a bone marrow transplant. During these sessions he has endured all types of health ailments due to his medical treatments. They have ranged from serious pneumonia to welts popping up all over him. He is always in pain too. Since we have introduced Natures Therapeutics products across the board into our family lives that have improved our lives in so many different ways – e.g. comfort, cleansing the inside of my person, pain management, cold and flu symptoms to management of drying up wounds quickly, relaxing in the bath with any one of the oils infused into our bath water and increased energy levels (this is only some).

I have been using these products for the past 6 months. I am so impressed with your product, to the point that I have now introduced the products to my neighbour (who is full Australian and not of our culture at all). She is now using the products herself as well as ordering her own products through me (as we place our orders together as one). Our neighbour is also a professional masseur and is now introducing using your products to her clients.

I could go on forever about these products you company produces but instead I have enclosed some photos for you so you can see for yourself how quickly the products actually work. My husband's skin is so thin – a side effect from the chemotherapy. Blood pools just below the skin and because the skin is so thin it seeps through the skin. Pic #1 was taken after my husband had a shower on the weekend. I applied some of the Kūmarahou Elixir to the blood pools. Pic #2 was taken the following morning. You can see that the Kūmarahou Elixir dried the seeping blood overnight. !!!IMPRESSIVE!!!

Currently I have just started a trial of one of your products on my 13-year-old twin son who was born with a medical condition that has left him incontinent. I will keep you informed of his progress.

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to all at Natures Therapeutics. I am ‘over the moon’ that I made the decision to try your awesome products.

To our tupuna who have gone before us, I pay tribute too and say THANK YOU for passing this knowledge on down through the generations.

—Name withheld by request,

Queensland, Australia

Product used

Kūmarahou Elixir


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