our story




You, our customer, are a priority for Natures Therapeutics. Understanding your need/s to deliver a quality product and service drives us each day to do more. Remaining accessible and simplifying how you communicate with us is important to you and important to us. Our IT department understands leading edge technology to remain at the forefront keeping up with the trends you create.



Natures Therapeutics Limited™ is operated, under licence, by Medicorp New Zealand Limited. We are a health and personal product manufacturer and supplier, located in Whangārei, Aotearoa New Zealand. We manufacture and/or package all our products at our facility and therefore, are positioned perfectly to ensure quality is controlled from beginning to end.



We decided to join this vibrant global market to offer a unique value product that is time proven over generations. There are plants in Aotearoa New Zealand that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. For generations, Māori have relied on these plants and crystal-clear river water to maintain good health and well-being. We are excited to offer our range of products that capture a part of this ancient practice, rongoā Māori (traditional Māori enhancement of well-being).



Prior to commencing operations, we reached out to kaumātua/kuia (our respected elders). This was an important step to us. We wanted to ensure that cultural significances were not breached nor compromised. Our founder descends from Te Parawhau (sub-tribe affiliation to both Ngāti Whātua and Ngāpuhi). Natures Therapeutics is also located within Te Parawhau, so it was imperative we reached out to kaumātua/kuia of Te Parawhau. The kaumātua/kuia of Te Parawhau needed to understand what we wanted to achieve and why. This formed the backbone of discussions. Agreeing on how we intended to uphold tikanga and kawa (tradition) we were excited to receive their support. The blessing of our facility by Te Parawhau kaumātua, Pereri Tito occurred on Saturday July 11, 2020.



Success is often missed due to over-complication. The Natures Therapeutics mission is to “exceed expectation”. To achieve this requires a simplistic approach to all aspects of the company and our operation. This simplicity will not come at a cost to value, quality and/or service and we are excited to integrate Maori values to compliment the western disciplines that are also firmly embedded into our company operations.



If we were to be restricted to communicating our vision with one word, that word would come from the Māori language – and that word would be “manākitanga”. Loosely translated it can have many meanings and be used many ways, but the word “care” embraces all of them well.

Our vision is to progress and grow with “care” being a core value. You care for me, I care for you, we care for them and they care for us.

We look forward with much anticipation – sharing our product range with the world – growing together embracing a culture of care.


Nō reira, tēnā tatou katoa (greetings to us all).