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Selu Maama Brisbane, Australia

Tēna koutou katoa,

This is Selu, a young woman rugby union player (photographed in play with the rugby ball) who lives in Australia.

Our Champion - Selu Maama! Photo playing rugby union.

Recently completing her high school year, Selu is enrolled at the University to further her studies in Civil Engineering with the future hope to join a construction company and play professional international woman's rugby.


In her own words

"Ever since I can remember, I've had to deal with eczema. I switched in-between multiple products, some irritating my skin whilst other products would "heal" my skin but leave scarring or hyper-pigmentation.

Using the Natures Therapeutics Kawakawa & Mānuka Skin Lotion product I noticed an overnight improvement in my eczema. The scabbing had already begun to heal leaving a soothing effect. After a week of using the lotion my skin had healed leaving minimal scarring. I am able to now use it sparingly.

I would strongly recommend this product to others, especially those who have sensitive skin and are seeing little to no improvement with prescribed medication."

Our Champion - Selu Maama! Photo of eczema condition on her arm.

"Also, as a young rugby union player, I have found myself with multiple injuries in 2020 alone; which includes a third degree ankle sprain. Natures Therapeutics "Kawakawa Mirimiri – Muscle Recovery" and the "Kawakawa Mamae – Pain" oils helped to ease the pain of walking in a moon boot, but also helped heal the haematoma and swelling caused by the injury.

I would strongly recommend this to people with chronic pain and or athletes who prefer natural pain relief treatments."

Our Champion - Selu Maama! Photo of her ankle sprain injury.


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Products used

Kawakawa & Mānuka Skin Lotion

Kawakawa & Mānuka Skin Lotion

Mirimiri Massage Oil Mamae-Pain

Mirimiri Massage Oil Mamae-Pain

Mirimiri Massage Oil Muscle Recovery

Mirimiri Massage Oil Muscle Recovery


Our Slogan: it's not MAGIC it's nature.

Natures Therapeutics Limited™ incorporate botanicals traditionally used successfully by Māori to treat ailments and conditions and/or simply aid overall better health and well-being. Our product range has been developed allowing both tradition and science to merge and provide a modern delivery of ancient well-being applications and techniques. However, Natures Therapeutics Limited™ make no claim that our products can heal/cure any condition or ailment.