the difference between facial and body skin

the difference between facial and body skin

We have already looked at the importance of having healthy skin. Let's now, take a look at the difference between facial and body skin. The primary difference is thickness. Our facial skin is much thinner than the skin covering the rest of our body. It is also important to know that the periorbital skin around our eyes is thinner again.

In addition to the above, our face has the highest concentration of sebaceous glands which are responsible for producing oil. The amount of oil produced is dependent on a few factors. Hormone change and the environment play a real part. As a result of this high concentration of glands, our facial skin tends to be more sensitive.

Body lotions are normally heavier than facial moisturising products because they usually contain thicker emollients to protect and hydrate. These ingredients are often too heavy for our face. Facial products contain specific active ingredients that cater to delicate skin. Due to their special nature, these ingredients attract a higher cost. Facial products are screened not only for sensitivity issues, but also to target specific areas like reducing pore appearance and minimising dark circles. If you have an inflammatory skin condition like eczema or psoriasis it is important to avoid using body lotions on your face. For people having these inflammatory skin conditions, the skin barrier is less robust and small cracks in the skin may allow microorganisms to enter. Thicker lotions can irritate and exacerbate these conditions.

Natures Therapeutics Limited™ Facial Crème is our product developed especially for facial skin. This product typically focuses more on our pores, dark spots, oiliness, wrinkles and fine lines. Our inclusion of kawakawa enables this product to draw on kawakawa's anti-inflammatory properties making it suitable for more skin types, including sensitive. Our body product, Skin Lotion, has two types. The first includes kawakawa and the second has kawakawa and mānuka which is better suited to sensitive skin, especially for people who experience eczema flare-ups.

So there you go. Our facial and body skins are very different and for those who are looking for a good quality moisturising product that has been developed to cater to the differing requirements, our Facial Crème and Skin Lotions may be just what you are looking for.


Natures Therapeutics Limited™ are committed to including good quality skin care products within our product range. We really do turn to nature to do this well. All our skin care products contain natural botanicals that have been used for more than a millennium by Māori. Most of these special plants can only be found in Aotearoa New Zealand.