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Tinana Pack 2021


For generations Māori have used a myriad of natural botanicals to treat specific ailments and/or for general well-being.


Natures Therapeutics Limited™ is a Māori owned company possessing secrets passed down over 100's of years.

At this stage we are concentrating on 3 plant actives traditionally used by Māori - "Kawakawa", "Kūmarahou" & "Mānuka".

Drawing on our traditional knowledge we incorporate modern techniques to blend these ancient natural actives in a manner that produces products that suit our 21st century lifestyles.

SKU: 19806070004
1x Kawakawa Soap 100g
1x Kawakawa Hand Sanitiser 50ml
1x Kawakawa Skin Lotion 50ml
1x Kawakawa Insect Repellent 50ml
1x Kawakawa Shampoo 50ml
1x Kawakawa Conditioner 50ml
1x Kawakawa & Strawberry Lip Balm 5g
1x Kawakawa Decongestant Rub 30g

Product Name

Tinana Pack 2021

Product Size

Christmas 2021 Value Packs: Please refer to each individual product label for more information.



Side Effects

Discontinue use if an adverse reaction is experienced.


Natures Therapeutics Limited™
30 Rathbone Street
Whangarei, 0110
New Zealand

+64 9 9889414 (English)

Natures Therapeutics Limited™ incorporate botanicals traditionally used successfully by Māori to treat ailments and conditions and/or simply aid overall better health and well-being. Our product range has been developed allowing both tradition and science to merge and provide a modern delivery of ancient well-being applications and techniques. However, Natures Therapeutics Limited™ make no claim that our products can heal/cure any condition or ailment.


Our Slogan: its not MAGIC its nature.


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Tinana Pack 2021