kūmarahou oral spray


Actions of Kūmarahou taken orally are many. It certainly deserves its reputation of being a botanical powerhouse used by Māori in pre-European times to target respiratory system and lung ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, coughs, colds, mucus, hay fever.

Our Kūmarahou Oral Spray has been developed to combat unwanted bacteria in the throat and mouth. Used quickly, as soon as the first signs of a cold appear, can have a powerful and positive effect reducing or eliminating symptoms. 

Directions for use:

Not recommended for children under 10 years. Pregnant and breastfeeding mums should seek advice from their medical professional before using. An adult should administer each dose for children (ages 10 to 16). Shake well before each use.


1 to 2 sprays to the back of the throat 2 to 5 times per day to relieve symptoms. Discontinue use if an adverse effect is experienced. 

Keep out of reach of children. Store away from direct sunlight below 30o.


Alcohol, Kūmarahou, Peppermint, Sage, Clove.

Customer Reviews

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Melinda Harwood
Game changer!

I had this really annoying dry cough that I couldn't shake, and a friend suggested your Kumarahou Oral Spray. Got online straight away, and wow the package was in my hands the very next day! I also bought the Kumarahou Elixir. Both products assisted with the cough, and helped me sleep at night aiding in recovery. I have already recommended Natures Therapeutics to others :) 5 stars

Awww kia ora Melinda. Thank you so much for trying our products and taking time to give feedback. We're delighted to hear you were more than happy with our Kūmarahou Oral Spray and Kūmarahou Elixir. With all the winter bugs around atm, having kūmarahou on hand is a good move. Have a great day and thank you again for your lovely words.

Highly recommend

have brought many products from the range and especially love the Manuka and Kawakawa skin lotion for eczema and the covid pack including the oral spray and cough syrup as I've just had covid and it helped greatly with my sore throat. Highly recommend.


Kia ora ra. I just want to say how magnificent this spray is. I have been trying to zap an ulcer in my mouth for a few weeks now. I know the spray is not for that but i thought i would give it a go and 3 days later its almost history. I told my moko who has asthma and she tried it and said she thinks it was helping a little so she bought one from your website and she is convinced it is helping. She is typing this for me hahaha - so its me now (Kararaina - the moko). I had heard kumarahou was good for asthma but i didnt know where to get it. We live in the South Island so it doesn't grow here. I'm going to get the cough syrup this afternoon. Thank you so so so much xxx