kūmarahou & kawakawa covid-19 | flu | common cold care pack

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COVID-19 | FLU | COMMON COLD continue to run rife in our community so we thought it would be good to offer a pack to help reduce the impact of symptoms. We have two "COVID-19 | FLU | COMMON COLD CARE PACKS". (Child) for ages 2 to 9 and (Adult) for ages 10 years and over.

Child Pack has 1 x Kids Kūmarahou Syrup 30ml, 1 x Kūmarahou Cough Syrup 100ml and 1 x Kawakawa Decongestant Rub 30g.

Adult Pack has 1 x Kūmarahou Elixir 30ml, 1 x Kūmarahou Cough Syrup 100ml and 1 x Kawakawa Decongestant Rub 30g.

Please use each product as directed on label. 

Be prepared - make sure you have one or even two Care Packs on hand when the need arises. Like they say "its better to have and not need, than to need and not have. 

Kūmarahou & Kawakawa are both natural powerhouses with enormous reputations. They have been used for generations. Both plants, to name a couple, are antimicrobial, analgesic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The 3 products in our Care Pack go to work quickly to ease congestion, shift stubborn mucus, help the throat tickle and nagging cough, clear the runny nose and generally enabling you to cope better with the nasty symptoms of all flu-like conditions.

Customer Reviews

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Highly recommend

have brought many products from the range and especially love the Manuka and Kawakawa skin lotion for eczema and the covid pack including the oral spray and cough syrup as I've just had covid and it helped greatly with my sore throat. Highly recommend.

Worked wonders

I was gifted a pack for my sick toddler at the time and loved the products as they worked wonders for him. Glad to have been introduced to Natures Therapeutics rongoa.

Katie, Wellington

I got Covid for the second time and luckily I had some of Natures Therapeutics products handy. I used the kūmarahou elixir which cleared my airways straight away, it was amazing! I used the kūmarahou cough syrup which worked wonders and I didn’t have a prolonged cough like I did the first time.I recovered from Covid quickly and I’m certain these products are the reason. I swear by them and I’ll always make sure I have some in the cupboard!

Lizette Apperley
Awesome products

I had been battling the flu, bronchitis and pneumonia for 6 weeks. The big pharma stuff made me worse and ill. A friend gave me these and I was right as rain the next day ❤️ Thank you 🙌 I take them everywhere for anyone who needs them

Thank you Lizette for taking time to give your feedback. We are delighted you have finally shaken your condition. There is so much of it floating around New Zealand presently.


Products that actually work. So thankful. My 5 year old daughter caught a nasty cold and I remember my cuzzin telling me about your products. Ordered Tuesday and arrived Wednesday. Started my daughter on it immediately. Within an hour she started to show signs of improving. By Friday she was eating and drinking normally and her fever and other symptoms were history. Amazing. i'm ordering another pack so i have it on hand. kia ora you fullas mean

Kia ora Shona. Thank you for your awesome review AND also your phone call. Great talking with you and hearing about your whānau. :)