kūmarahou wellbeing gift pack

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Kūmarahou is a natural superstar unique to Aotearoa New Zealand. For generations, this powerhouse plant has been, and continues to be used by Māori. Among other benefits, Kūmarahou is widely known for supporting the respiratory system - from the lungs, up through the throat to the nasal passage. With COVID-19 and other viral conditions that target our respiratory system, this Gift Pack is a perfect way to say, “I love you”. Whether, for a loved one OR for yourself, we know the receiver will love it.


2 x Kūmarahou Cough Syrup 100ml (Shift phelgm, combat cough, easy throat tickle, open up nasal passage)

1 x Kūmarahou Elixir 30ml (can be used orally and/or topically - oral use helps ease symptoms associated with respiratory conditions - asthma, hay fever, flu etc)

1 x Kūmarahou Oral Spray 30ml (when you feel the first signs of a flu, start regular use to kill throat bacteria and increase chance of nipping that flu in the bud. Great addition to your handbag to eliminate bad breath caused by bacteria)

1 x Kūmarahou Homemade Soap 100ml (naturally clean)

 Presented as pictured in a gift box

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