hemp & kūmarahou elixir


Two (2) of nature's powerhouse plants in one natural product.

Hemp Seed (source plant cannabis sativa) & Kūmarahou need no introduction. The health reputation of both of these products is widely known. We are excited to add our Hemp & Kūmarahou Elixir to our range. Individually they are very impressive but combining them takes this product to the next level.


Kūmarahou’s special gift is to heal the whenua (land) after she has been scorched by fire. The Kūmarahou [Pomaderris Kumeraho] plant helps to heal poor soils so that in time it can sustain more life. Kūmarahou is diverse in her healing properties and as she does for the land, she does for us too. She is taken internally for respiratory complaints and digestive disorders and used topically for skin conditions. Kūmarahou has a healing effect on our lungs by aiding the body to heal damaged lung tissue. It is also a blood purifier and detoxes via the lungs, liver, kidneys, skin lymphatic and urinary systems. For all these, and more reasons, kūmarahou is an immensely respected plant by Māori.

Kūmarahou was and continues to be a significant botanical in the rongoā Māori (holistic Māori health & wellbeing system). Although there has been very little scientific research conducted, Māori have passed down generations of knowledge.

Hemp Seed Oil (source plant cannabis sativa)

Our Hemp Seed Oil (plant source cannabis sativa) is cold pressed from New Zealand grown hemp seeds. Hemp seeds contain large amounts of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. Additionally, they also contain high levels of arginine, an amino acid that turns into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is essential for artery and vein dilations, and it helps keep blood vessel walls smooth and elastic. Natural and nutritious it’s an excellent source of anti-inflammatory, omega 6 GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). It’s packed full of the essential goodies your body needs, including amino acids, vitamins B, C and D.

Joint pain and discomfort can stop you from enjoying even the simple pleasures in life. A natural way to treat joint pain caused by arthritis, trauma, injury, or infections. Finding the right ratio of essential fatty acids may help fight inflammation and reduce morning stiffness, tenderness, swelling and discomfort. Nourishes body & mind, supports mobility and cardiovascular health.


  • New Zealand made
  • Optimal essential fatty acid ration: omegas 3 & 6
  • Source of B-vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin C
  • Loaded with amino acids, calcium, iron and magnesium
  • Spray free
  • Vegan, paleo, keto and gluten free
  • THC undetected

Actions -

  • Expectorant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Analgesic
  • Antiseptic
  • Antioxidant
  • Vulnerary
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-dyspeptic
  • Antiviral

Some benefits that may be experienced -

  • Break up and shift mucus in the airways
  • Expel toxins and pathogens from the body
  • Improve breathing difficult
  • Clear congestion
  • Promotion of a productive cough
  • Soothe a sore throat
  • Relieve a runny nose
  • Helps many skin conditions

Ailments that may benefit -
Asthma, Emphysema, COPD, COVID-19, flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, common cold, sinus, hay-fever, and other respiratory allergies. Indigestion. Burns, sores, cuts, grazes, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rash, insect bites, and acne. Some kidney, liver, lymphatic and urinary system conditions.


Glycerol, Aqua, NZ Hemp Seed Oil, Kūmarahou (Pomaderris Kumeraho)


Shake bottle well before each use. Store below 20°C away from direct sunlight. 

Oral use

Extract a half dropper (dose) and dispense under the tongue and hold 60 seconds before swallowing. Take as required, up to a maximum of 6 doses per day. Oral use is recommended for ages 10 years and over. NOTE: 1 dose per day is adequate for a person wanting to support good immunity levels.

Topical use

Elixir can be applied directly to skin and massaged in to help skin conditions, burns, cuts and grazes (all ages)

Customer Reviews

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Vinnie Banks
awesome hemp!

I've long had mucus issues in my chest and lungs and ive tried everything from ginger, lemons, honey, tumeric but without a doubt this Hemp and Kumarahou Elixir is undoubtedly the best product ive ever used. From day 1 i've noticed a big difference and i highly reccomend this product to anyone with lung and chesty complications you will not regret it. Thanks to Natures Therapeutics!

Kia ora Vinnie and thank you so much for taking time to share with us all. We understand how impacting chest/lung/respiratory conditions can be. We have taken time to get our new product 'Hemp & Kūmarahou Elixir' balanced. Hearing how its helped you is extremely satisfying to hear. I'll share with the team :) Thanks again.