kūmarahou cough syrup



Attack that nagging cough naturally 


Werohia māoritia taua maremare kāungaunga 


Rongoā rākau (native therapeutic plants) have been used by Māori for centuries. Mātauranga (knowledge) has been passed down from generation to generation. That knowledge includes what to use, and how to use it.

Kūmarahou (pomaderris kumeraho), as we have been taught, is a natural go to for helping conditions that impact our respiratory system. Additionally, kūmarahou was traditionally used to promote healthy skin. Let's take a closer look.

its not magic, its nature®  -  ehara i te mahi tūmatarau, ko te ao tūturu


Key features -

  1. Natural Ingredients: Our Kūmarahou Cough Syrup is formulated with the finest natural ingredients, including the powerful extract of the kūmarahou plant. Kūmarahou has been used for centuries to help respiratory conditions, making it a time-tested solution.

  2. Gentle and Effective: Say goodbye to the harsh chemicals and artificial additives found in many cough syrups. Kūmarahou Cough Syrup is gentle on your system while providing fast-acting relief. Its unique formula works to calm coughing, ease congestion, and promote a healthier respiratory system.

  3. Pleasant Taste: We understand that taking kūmarahou can sometimes be a struggle, especially for children. That's why we've crafted our Kūmarahou Cough Syrup including New Zealand honey and molasses to give a pleasant taste that appeals to all ages. No more battles to get your loved ones to take their cough syrup.

  4. Versatile Usage: Kūmarahou Cough Syrup is suitable for a wide range of coughs, from dry and tickly to chesty and phlegmy. Whether it's a lingering cold, allergies, or a seasonal cough, our syrup provides the relief you need. It can actually be your kūmarahou go to for all respiratory conditions.

  5. Trusted Quality: Our product is manufactured in our Whangārei facility, adhering to strict quality control measures. We prioritize your well-being and ensure that every bottle of Kūmarahou Cough Syrup meets the highest standards.

Don't let respiratory disrupt your daily life. Try Kūmarahou Cough Syrup today and experience the soothing, natural relief you deserve.  Breathe easier and enjoy life to the fullest with Kūmarahou!

Sizes -
50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml

Ingredients -
Aqua, New Zealand Honey, Molasses, Kūmarahou (Pomaderris Kumeraho), Peppermint (Mentha Piperita), Kānuka (Kunzea Ericoides).

Dosage -


  0 to   1 years =   1ml 

  1 to   2 years =   2ml 

  3 to   9 years =   3 –   5ml 

10 to 16 years =   5 – 10ml 

17 years + = 10 – 20ml 

Directions / Usage -

Read label and use as directed. Shake bottle before use. Take 2 to 6 times daily. Children under 3, dilute the dose in 5ml of water, juice, or milk. We recommend pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and diabetics seek advice from their health professional before using this product. Store below 20o away from direct sunlight. Refrigerate after opening. Discontinue use if an adverse effect is experienced. If symptoms persist, seek professional medical advice.

Side effects -
Discontinue use if an adverse reaction is experienced.

Manufacturer -
Product manufactured, bottled and/or packaged by Medicorp New Zealand Limited™ under licence from Natures Therapeutics Limited™.


Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Simone Andrews

Within 24 hours of taking the kūmarahou cough syrup my symptoms had eased. By 48 hours symptoms had ceased altogether. It was such a relief, as nothing else I’d tried was working.
Highly recommend this product.

'Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our kūmarahou cough syrup. We are delighted to hear that it was able to ease your symptoms within 24 hours and completely alleviate them within 48 hours. We strive to provide effective products and we are glad to know that our cough syrup was able to help you. Thank you for recommending our product. We appreciate your support!'

Janice Johnston
No more cough

This is an absolute God send, within a day my cough had eased from being a constant cough every couple of minutes a day and night for a week to a wee tickle. On the second day no sign of cough. My sister took some back to Australia and they are hooked. My daughter has taken my bottle today as she has a peristaltic couch. So I will need more.
Liquid Gold this is

Kia ora Janice! We are thrilled to hear that our kūmarahou cough syrup was able to provide relief for your cough. We are so glad that it worked quickly and effectively for you and your family. Thank you for sharing your positive experience and photo with us. We will definitely make sure to keep the 'Liquid Gold' flowing for you. Noho ora mai - stay well!

Heather O’Sullivan
Wonderful service

I was very impressed by the service I received.

Thank you very much Heather for taking time to review our service. We are thrilled you are happy. Thank you :)

Tony Harris

Have used Kumarahou tea in the past. This cough mixture is sensational. Delivery was delayed, however Natures Therapeutics went above and beyond to get this to me. Very much appreciated.

Kia ora Tony. You are very welcome. One way or another we will get the product to you. Enjoy the rest of the day. :)

Chantelle Luke
Kumarahou Cough Syrup

Was recommended this product by my ancestral tupuna,
Was best decision I ever made , cleared up my dry cough up in matter of days each spoon full was a dose of fresh air into my lungs, will be using it in future forever ,never going back to regular syrups highly recommend to all

Kia ora Chantelle. Kūmarahou has been trusted by our tūpuna for generations to deal with any condition affecting our respiratory system. It truly is one of nature's powerhouse plants. Thank you for sharing and we are thrilled to hear you are happy with the result. Ngā mihi :)