kawakawa & mānuka skin lotion



Kawakawa (Macropiper Excelsum) would be, without doubt, the most renowned and recognised medicinal plant traditionally used by Māori. It can be found in abundance across the upper half of New Zealand’s South Island and all through the North Island.

Kawakawa is an extremely important plant in the Māori world and carries much mana (prestige). Māori have long had their own explanations for what scientists are now learning about the healing properties of kawakawa.

Kawakawa leaves contain a component called myristicin which helps trigger the release of nitric oxide from cells. Nitric oxide is the body’s anti-inflammatory response. So kawakawa supports and aids the body’s response to inflammation.


Mānuka (Leptospermum Scoparium) is also a renowned and recognised medicinal plant in New Zealand. Rich in tannins, flavonoids, triterpenes, and other compounds which give it strong antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Drawing on our traditional knowledge we incorporate modern techniques to create this natural product resulting in a Skin Lotion that suits our 21st century lifestyles.

We cannot always prevent environments that cause skin to dry and age, but we can provide a natural barrier to prevent our skin being subjected to those elements. Our Skin Lotion is a light and non-greasy blend that absorbs rapidly to keep your skin hydrated and nourished leaving you looking smoother, and firmer. When our skin feels fresh and vibrant, we tend to appear more uplifted. Our Kawakawa Skin Lotion blend has been developed to include skin remedial qualities too. A well rounded soft and subtle product that will nourish and heal your precious skin.


Target skin conditions and promote healthier skin 



Whāia kia tautīnei mārika te kiri, kia aro pū ki ngā mate ā kiri 



  • New Zealand made
  • Kawakawa & Mānuka
  • No GMO
  • Vegan
  • Not tested on animals

Some benefits that may be experienced -

  • Healthier, hydrated, and nourished skin
  • Smoother feeling skin
  • Reduction of trans-epidermal water loss

Ailments that may benefit -
Dry and cracked skin, rash, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis  


Aqua, Prunus Amygdalis Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearic Acid, Kawakawa (Macropiper Excelsum), Mānuka (Leptospermum Scoparium), Bergamot (Citrus Bergamia), Lemon (Citrus Limon), Phenoxyethanol (and) Ethylhexylglycerine, Sodium Hydroxide, Tocopheryl Acetate.


DIRECTIONS: Dispense lotion onto hand/s and apply to your skin. Gently massage in, focusing on particularly dry areas. 

NOTICE: For external use only. Store below 20oC away from direct sunlight. Discontinue use if an adverse effect is experienced. 

 its not magic, its nature - ehara i te mahi tūmatarau, ko te ao tūturu.

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