Kawakawa Bath Oil for Children

Kawakawa Bath Oil for Children

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Bathing in warm water is one of the most relaxing actions we can experience.

Adding a natural skin cleanser/moisturiser and the healing properties of kawakawa to that experience elevates your bath to a whole new level.

We have carefully developed 3 bath oils – babies, children, and adults.

Follow your bath with one of our Skin Lotion products for a luxurious skin treatment filled with some of nature’s amazing healing secrets.


Natures Therapeutics Limited™ incorporate many of the botanicals traditionally used successfully by Māori to treat ailments and conditions and/or simply aid overall better health and well-being. Our product range has been developed allowing both tradition and science to merge and provide a modern delivery of ancient well-being applications and techniques. However, Natures Therapeutics Limited™ make no claim that our products can heal/cure any condition or ailment.