Therapeutics & Remedial

The Natures Therapeutics Elixir range is our flagship natural offering that has been developed for people seeking a general or targeted health & well-being product.

We have carefully formulated the elixir to ensure maximum absorption of the Kawakawa and/or Manuka, and other natural botanical actives. The natural carrier used promotes rapid absorption into the body. Click to learn more about Kawakawa and Manuka and Kūmarahou.

We have 5 elixirs (Kawakawa Natural, Kawakawa Berry, Kawakawa Citrus, Kawakawa Mint, Kawakawa & Manuka). Each comes in 2 sizes, 30ml and 50ml. Each comes in 3 strengths – (1) low | (2) mid | (3) strong.

Elixir 1 is an all-round product. One (1) dropper dispensed under your tongue equates to a small cup of the traditional formula that has been used by Māori for generations. Elixir 1 could be considered if you are looking for a general all-round natural supplement.

Elixir 2 has 25% more Kawakawa than Elixir 1. The Kawakawa & Manuka Elixir 2 has 25% more Kawakawa and 30% more Manuka. Elixir 2 could be considered to compliment one of our skin care beauty and personal products. That partnership may enable a more targeted result.

Elixir 3 has 15% more Kawakawa than Elixir 2. The Kawakawa & Manuka Elixir 3 has 15% more Kawakawa and 25% more Manuka. Elixir 3 could be selected to target concentrated ailments/conditions.


Disclaimer. Natures Therapeutics Limited™ makes no claims regarding any of our products however, Kawakawa, Manuka and Kūmarahou have been successfully used historically to treat many ailments and conditions. Our range is a product of both tradition and science coming together to provide a modern delivery of ancient well-being techniques.