Beauty & Personal

Natures Therapeutics are excited to reveal our launch products.

Facial Crème, Facial Cleanser, Skin Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner and Hand Sanitiser. We are developing more products to continue increasing our range. Very soon we will be releasing a Dry Scalp Leave in Treatment, Mirimiri (massage) Oil, Bubble Bath, and a special Eczema Cream. We anticipate introducing 1 or 2 new products each month. Additionally, we would like to release that our first Kūmarahou products will be introduced later this year.

All Natures Therapeutics products have been carefully developed to ensure quality and value. Nature provides a huge range of very impressive botanicals. On their own they can address many ailments/conditions. If they are blended, there has been some powerful targeted results. The key is understanding how a blend should be made up. At Natures Therapeutics we are combining tradition and science. The result is what we call “our natural entourage”. The entourage of each product is unique. By changing an entourage slightly, a product that is great for moisturising skin can shift to targeting a specific condition (i.e. eczema, psoriasis etc).

An added benefit of our Beauty and Personal products - they all contain Kawakawa and/or Manuka (and soon to be Kūmarahou). That means, your daily beauty regime is, an entourage of its own. For example, if you use Elixir 1 and Skin Lotion, you will probably experience a slightly different overall experience than a person who does not use Elixir. We are very excited to be bringing you these amazing botanicals in a form that suits you and your individual need.


Disclaimer. Natures Therapeutics Limited™ makes no claims regarding any of our products however, Kawakawa, Manuka and Kūmarahou have been successfully used historically to treat many ailments and conditions. Our range is a product of both tradition and science coming together to provide a modern delivery of ancient well-being techniques.